Services Provided by Andre Gaston
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Mediation and Arbitration


Mediation is a cost effective alternative to trial. Gaston, L.L.P. works hard to help individuals resolve disputes in order to avoid the costs of trial. In doing so, clients reach agreements that greatly reduce the cost of dispute resolution. André serves as a mediator and/or arbitrator in matters including: Civil Rights, Commercial, Contracts, Discrimination, Employment, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Products Liability and Athlete Contract Negotiations.

Individual Representation.

In addition to representing businesses and companies, Gaston, LLP works with individuals and businesses ranging from contract disputes and criminal court matters. The firm places a heavy emphasis on serious felony charges ranging from serious drug offenses to homicides.

Day-to-Day Advice. Mr. Gaston regularly counsels clients both business and individuals on day-to-day, non-litigation issues.

Trial Practice

  • Automobile-Related Matters. Our office represents individuals who have been injured in auto accidents that are minor and catastrophic.
  • Bad Faith. In addition to representing individuals against other insured, our office represents clients who must bring actions against their own insurance companies in actions where the insurance company has failed to uphold their fiduciary duty.
  • Business and Commercial Disputes. The firm represents a number of business entities involved in disputes pertaining to breach of contract and other issues.
  • Contract Claims. The firm defended a reputable videography business by filing a motion for lack of jurisdiction and the matter was dismissed in small claims court.
  • Zoning Disputes. Our work has also involved us in a variety of disputes concerning zoning questions. These representations have enabled businesses to gain the necessary approval within certain municipalities and to effectively establish their businesses when zoning questions have been at issue. Mr. Gaston correctly interpreted a zoning statute where local zoning officials erroneously applied a fee for zoning approval and gained zoning approval at no cost for his client.
  • Product Liability. Mr. Gaston has negotiated and represented individuals in cases involving products manufactured or distributed to individuals.
  • Medical Malpractice. The firm has consulted an individual where the doctor failed to diagnose her breast cancer. This case involves one Chicago area physician.

ADR Practice – Mediation /Arbitration.

Gaston, L.L.P. maintains a very active practice in the field of mediation, arbitration and dispute resolution. Mr. Gaston acts as both mediator and arbitrator in various matters.

Criminal Law Practice.

The consequences of Illinois criminal charges can be very serious without an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney defending your rights. Gaston, LLP handles criminal law in Chicago, the greater Chicago suburbs and throughout the state of Illinois. André Gaston has the experience, temperament and knowledge to provide the accused with the best options for their defense. If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Illinois, it is imperative that you contact our offices for a consultation.

Do not talk to the police, or prosecutors until you talk to us.