Chicago Criminal Lawyer
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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

When you need an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with the experience and dedication, call Gaston, L.L.P.


When you have been charged with a crime or alleged to have done so, you need a seasoned litigator with the ability to navigate you through the Illinois criminal justice system. André P. Gaston possesses all of these characteristics, as well as a command of the overall situation thanks to his depth of experience from both sides of the courtroom. Now as a staunch Chicago criminal defense attorney with nearly 10 years of legal experience and a wealth of knowledge dealing with criminal defense issues, Mr. Gaston will uphold your rights while wielding a vigorous defense. When you need a defense Attorney that is smart, tenacious, and unrelenting on your side, you need the expertise of Chicago criminal lawyer André P. Gaston.

A Chicago Defense Lawyer who understands the needs of zealous representation.

A criminal conviction often carries with it a lifelong stigma as well as other consequences that can affect your everyday existence. It is imperative that you hire the services of a seasoned Chicago criminal defense Attorney to offset the potential consequences that can negatively impact your life. It is vital to contact a Chicago criminal defense Attorney as soon as possible. Whether you are facing criminal charges or are being investigated in Chicago for shoplifting, fraud, sex crimes, drug crimes, domestic violence or any other criminal charges, be assured that criminal defense attorney André P. Gaston is your ally in your time of need.

Demonstrated success as a respected, powerful negotiator.

In many cases, your Chicago defense lawyer’s expert negotiation skills will be able to convince the prosecution to drop the charges against you altogether. When that option is not available, your criminal lawyer in Chicago may possibly be able to negotiate for a lesser charge or a lighter sentence. However, even if your case proceeds to trial, you can trust that Chicago criminal defense Attorney André Gaston will always safeguard your best interests and will obtain for you the best possible outcome for your case.

Chicago Defense Attorney André P. Gaston defends those charged with any criminal charge, including:

Assault & Battery
Aggravated battery
Domestic violence
Drug crimes
Possession of Cocaine
Sexual assault
Possession of Heroin
Retail theft
White collar crimes
Sex Crimes
Domestic battery
Criminal sexual abuse or sexual assault
Aggravated criminal sexual abuse
Predatory criminal sexual assault of a child
Possession of Cannabis/Marijuana
Theft crimes
… and more

When you need a drug lawyer, theft attorney, domestic violence attorney, or other legal representative, Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney André P. Gaston has the experience and dedication you’ll need.

When you need a Chicago criminal defense lawyer, you want someone who has experience and proven success handling cases like yours. Because Defense Lawyer Gaston understands the Chicago judicial system inside and out, Mr. Gaston has a track record of successfully defending clients faced with the same charges that you are facing. Because he understands the tactics and strategies that the D.A. will try to use against you, Mr. Gaston can build a solid defense that anticipates those same arguments and counters them in a proactive manner.

Defense Attorney Gaston’s success has also been validated by his membership in the Northern, Southern, Central Districts of the Federal Bar in Illinois. Attorney Gaston has also been admitted to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and represents clients as a member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel. When you need an aggressive and vigorous defense, you need Chicago criminal defense lawyer Andre P. Gaston.

When criminal charges are imminent, call Chicago Defense Attorney André P. Gaston as soon as possible.

If you or a loved one have been arrested in Chicago or Cook County, no matter how straightforward or complex the charge, André P. Gaston is a strong and talented criminal defense lawyer known for tough, aggressive defense. Attorney Gaston has experience crafting winning defense strategies for all types of criminal cases, whether the most seemingly minor misdemeanor charge to the most severe felony offense. To contact Mr. Gaston for a case review, call his cell phone 24/7 at 312-857-4270 for a prompt call back. Your initial consultation is free. Call today to for your free case evaluation.